Tear Off Installation Instructions

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APPLICATION SOLUTION IS PROVIDED NOTE: READ ALL INSTRUCTIONS BEFORE STARTING. Cleanliness is very important: Any dirt, dust, paint, or stickers should be removed from surface before application. Impurities will show as a small bubble or spot when the tearoff adhesive has cured. When trimming on Lexan, mark the tearoff and trim on a separate surface using a razor blade or scissors.

A. Place the tearoff on the windshield to determine proper sizing. Mark and trim if necessary. Note: The tearoff has a clear backing with the words “Remove This Clear Liner” this label should be facing the windshield.

B. Clean the windshield with application solution and the 8” cleaning squeegee, using horizontal overlapping strokes, starting at the center top and working down.

C. Wet the windshield with the application solution provided.

D. Remove the clear backing from the tearoff and spray the adhesive side of the film with the application solution leaving no dry spots. Position the tearoff on the windshield.

E. Wet the tearoff, then tack it using the 8” cleaning squeegee as shown in the diagram below. Carefully work the air bubbles toward the edges.  Start in the middle, working down, and then up. Then use overlapping horizontal strokes, working any larger air pockets toward the edges

F. Wet the tearoff again, then power squeegee with the 5-1/2” power squeegee using overlapping strokes, as shown in the diagram above.

G. Repeat step F ensuring all excess solution has been removed.

H. Press out all edges using the white Teflon hard card wrapped in a Bounty® Paper Towel.

I. For technical assistance, please call Pro-Tint, Inc. at 1-800-553-8673