Pro-Tint’s tear-off story begins with Plato Hoyle, the founder of Pro-Tint, Inc. For added safety, NASCAR required the teams to use Lexan®. Although Lexan is unbreakable, it will nick and pit easily, making it very difficult to clean and often creating a white haze or glare that can obscure a driver’s vision.

Steve Fricker joined Pro-Tint in 1995 and teamed up with then founder Plato Hoyle who immediately noticed the poor condition of the stock car windshields after a race during a visit at Geoffrey Bodine’s #7 shop. Upon joining Pro-Tint, Steve Fricker now President and CEO, continued Plato’s vision by experimenting with the application process, trying various thicknesses to improve the durability of the clear film. Eventually, he successfully created a product that could be multi-layered and removed during the race that provides a new clear view for the driver without replacing the poly-carbonate.

Heath Huie who started out as a molder in the Motorsports division has taken over Pro-Tint Motorsports division and has been carrying out Steve and Plato’s vision servicing the home track in Charlotte, N.C., while also building a network at the top racetracks across the country over the last two decades.

Check out our Tear-Offs working on the cars during any race broadcast-ed or streamed every weekend. Windshield Tear-Offs are available in a 2 or 4 Layer stack.