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BMW E46 ('97-'06) - 2 Layer Tear Off

BMW E46 ('97-'06) - 2 Layer Tear Off

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BMW M3 E46 windshield protection has never been easier. Stop fearing chips, pitting, or windshield breakage. This windscreen has two-layers as the top layer can be removed effortlessly (leaving the base layer) during the race if required by simply pulling the tab on the top right corner of the windshield.

The product can also be stacked to provide additional layers of protection with no distortion or loss of visibility. Protection for not only the track, but for everyday road hazards.

When you purchase this kit, the BMW E46 two-layer tear-off film has been cut and molded to fit your windshield. It's the perfect windscreen. All you will have to do is apply to windshield.

Please Note: This kit requires a banner (vinyl or paint protection film) to cover the top portion of the windshield.

BMW E46 ('97-'06) - 2 Layer Tear Off