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Our quest for windshield protection began in 1995 when we were asked to solve a problem. For driver's safety and visibility, the professional Motorsports industry changed their windshields from glass to poly-carbonate, but  teams needed to maintain visibility, reduce pitting & scratching to the outer surfaces. We solved the problem! Pro-Tint experimented, tested, & anguished over our windshield protection film until it was the best possible product for the industry!

Ready-Made Tear-Offs vs. DIY Blank Kits:

With Ready-Made there is no cutting or heat molding required. Ready-Made Tear-Offs come in a single, 2, or 4 layer and are shipped already heat molded/cut & fitted to your car's windshield.  We have a variety of windshields in house that we use to mold. When you order your car's Tear-Off, it will be molded and cut on that windshield specifically. All you have to do is apply the Tear-Off(s) to the windshield. 

DIY Blank Kits require knowledge of using a heat gun and blade to trim around the windshield. If you're a window tinter than you should have no problem molding & cutting our Film. You will need the correct solution & cherry bomb in order for the film to slide and be cut properly on the glass when installing. We sale those kits separately under "Products".

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