FormulaOne Classic Auto Tint - Truck
FormulaOne Classic Auto Tint - Truck

FormulaOne Classic Auto Tint - Truck

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Pricing includes full Car
(All Doors, Quarter Windows, & Rear Window)

Smart and stylish, in shades from misty fog to celebrity charcoal.

  • 35% Heat Rejection
  • 99% UV Protection
  • Transferable Nationwide Lifetime Warranty
  • No Color Change Dyed Construction

Do you imagine yourself gliding down the road like a spy, disguised by sophisticated cover? Rolling like a rock star, bass thumping in dramatic darkness? Or do you simply want a charcoal to match your factory privacy glass? With our dyed window tint, you’re free to dream up a look that will transform your car from ordinary to envy inspiring. Our dyed window tint is definitely high on style. Still, it's a smart buy that’s worthy of your auto investment.

Every shade can turn heads, resist scratches, reduce annoying glare, and block 99 percent of UV rays. Our dyed window tint is a mixture of polyethylene, UV blockers and premium dye that’s extruded into a micro-thin sheet, then coated with a second UV blocker and adhesive. Other tints films have dye applied only to the surface, making them less durable and likely to discolor.



We Tint to the legal limit of the law (unless a medical waiver is provided) depending on which States your vehicle is registered in. For SUV’s, Driver & Passenger (D&P) must meet legal law while rear can be as dark as 5%. 


  • N.C. 35%
  • S.C. 28%


  • As dark as 5% 

Pricing subject to change if you currently have Window Tint on your vehicle that we have to remove before we can install our Tint. Sales tax is included in pricing. 

By purchasing this Tinting Package you agree to the following. Window Tinting laws vary from state to state. Pro-Tint guarantees that the tint we install on your vehicle will be legal in the state of vehicle registration ONLY. If you eventually register your vehicle in another state, we will not be liable for non-compliance of the state's window film laws. Additionally, if after the installation you wish to change your chosen tint selection, you must pay full price for the removal and retint. 


FormulaOne Classic Auto Tint - Truck