FormulaOne Stratos Auto Tint - Truck w/ Crew Cab
FormulaOne Stratos Auto Tint - Truck w/ Crew Cab

FormulaOne Stratos Auto Tint - Truck w/ Crew Cab

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FormulaOne Stratos: The Newest Window Tint

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Pricing includes full Car
(All Doors, Quarter Windows, & Rear Window)
The next generation of window tint has arrived.
  • 63% Heat Rejection
  • 99% UV Protection
  • Transferable Nationwide Lifetime Warranty
  • Hybrid Matrix Technology
  • Non-Metal Technology
  • No signal Interference with Electronic Devices
  • Free No-Fault Warranty for 1 Window Replacement

FormulaOne Stratos is engineered for improved comfort and less distracting glare. This newest window tint technology infused with infrared absorbing properties rejects up to 63 percent of solar heat to enhance your driving experience. And it shields your passengers from more than 99 percent of harmful UV rays* while it helps reduce interior fading and cracking due to UV ray exposure.

Proprietary Hybrid-Matrix is the newest window tint technology that utilizes multiple layers made up of billions of nanoscopic particles to create advanced infrared absorbing properties. The innovative layers are designed to trap heat and disperse it outward through your glass providing our maximum level of heat rejection without signal interference. For the car enthusiasts who seek to experience outstanding driving comfort and the luxury of privacy in their cars, the films available in the FormulaOne Stratos Series are for you!



We Tint to the legal limit of the law (unless a medical waiver is provided) depending on which States your vehicle is registered in. For SUV’s, Driver & Passenger (D&P) must meet legal law while rear can be as dark as 5%. 


  • N.C. 35%
  • S.C. 28%


  • As dark as 5% 

Pricing subject to change if you currently have Window Tint on your vehicle that we have to remove before we can install our Tint. Sales tax is included in pricing. 

By purchasing this Tinting Package, you agree to the following. Window Tinting laws vary from state to state. Pro-Tint guarantees that the tint we install on your vehicle will be legal in the state of vehicle registration ONLY. If you eventually register your vehicle in another state, we will not be liable for non-compliance of the state's window film laws. Additionally, if after the installation you wish to change your chosen tint selection, you must pay full price for the removal and retint. 


FormulaOne Stratos Auto Tint - Truck w/ Crew Cab