Residential Non-Reflective Window Tint

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LLumar's Non-Reflective window tint provides a neutral tinting option that will preserve the current look of your windows as well as the wonderful natural quality of sunlight, while blocking 99% of fade-causing UV rays. This film offers fantastic performance while barely detectable from the naked eye. 


  • Shield your homes interior
  • Total Solar Energy Rejected – up to 65%
  • Glare Reduction –up to 61%
  • Block more than 99% of the UV rays that can fade your furnishings
  • Prices do not include French pane/ true divides (this is when the grid cannot be removed and the individual panes must be tinted)
  • Pricing only applies to applications to the interior surface of the window and windows that are accessible without the assistance of a ladder unless otherwise specified.
  • Consultation with a Pro Tint consultant to make final decision of film choice and for final measurements to be attained is required before installation.
  • Minimum Charge is $219 plus tax
  • Price is within 60 miles of Pro-Tint location – Outside 60 miles is $1.25 per mile 1 way
  • Prices are for installation within regular business hours