Residential Ceramic Window Tint

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LLumar's Residential Ceramic window tint allows you reclaim areas of your home that you once avoided due to temperatures not being consistent. Throw open your blinds, shades or drapes and enjoy natural light, no matter the season or time of day. Ceramic helps control the sun's heat to keep temperatures more consistent in every room and reduces glare, so it's easier to watch TV or work on a computer. 


  • Coast-Ready, Corrosion-Resistant Technology
  • Suitable for installation anywhere, including coastal homes
  • No need for the unsightly edge sealing that some films need to stand up to corrosive salt deposits and sea air
  • Non metallized tint, so no interference with electronics or cell signal
  • Total Solar Energy Rejected – up to 55%
  • Glare Reduction – up to 60%
  • Block more than 99% of the UV rays that can fade your furnishings


  • Prices do not include French pane/ true divides (this is when the grid cannot be removed and the individual panes must be tinted)
  • Pricing only applies to applications to the interior surface of the window and windows that are accessible without the assistance of a ladder unless otherwise specified.
  • Consultation with a Pro Tint consultant to make final decision of film choice and for final measurements to be attained is required before installation.
  • Minimum Charge is $219 plus tax
  • Price is within 60 miles of a Pro-Tint location – Outside 60 miles is $1.25 per mile 1 way
  • Prices are for installation within regular business hours