Porsche 981 ('12-'16) Multi-Layer Windshield Tear-Offs

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Windshield protection for your Porsche 981 ('12-'16) has never been easier with our molded (pre-fit) windshield tear-off kits. Stop fearing rock chips, pitting, or windshield breakage. This molded windshield tear-off kit comes in either a single layer; for most windows, or comes in multiple laminated layers as the top layer can be removed effortlessly during the race or a track day event by simply pulling the tab on the top right corner of the windshield.

This tear-off kit can also be stacked to provide additional layers of protection without distortion or loss of visibility. Our tear-off kits provide protection for not only the track, but for everyday driving from road debris or hazards.

When you purchase this kit, the multi-layer tear-off kit has been molded and cut to fit your windshield.

For best installation we recommend purchasing our Do It Yourself Windshield Tear-Off Installation Tool kit, comes with the tools needed to install your molded windshield tear-off kit. Link below:


Also here's a install video of one of our molded windshield tear-off kit:


If you have any additional notes for us please put them in the notes section at the bottom of checkout or giving us a call at 1-800-553-8673.

Please Note: This molded tear-off kit may require a banner (vinyl or paint protection film) to cover the top portion of the windshield if your windshield is bigger than 30in from the wide point.